Windblock - Rafter Infiltration Block

Provides the best moisture and air infiltration seal between the rafter vent and wall top plate.
Works well with Durovent® and proVent® to provide a moisture-impervious vent and block system.
• Polyboard material is waterproof and prevents moisture infiltration
• Secures vent in place eliminating blow-out during construction
• Blocks moisture from exterior and acts as an insulation stop for interior
• Great option for both 16" and 24" on-center applications


Benefits of WindBlock®

Windblock prevents wind-driven moisture and cold air infiltration between the wall top plate and rafter vent; reduces energy loss at the attic perimeter.



WindBlock® Ordering SKU

WB1285 - 10 pack
WB2000 - 200 pieces/carton

The Benefits of a Ventilated Attic

• Allows for cooler attics in the summer
• Helps prevent ice-dam formation in the winter
• Improves insulation efficiencies
• Helps prolong shingle life
• Allows for drier attics