ProVent - The Better Option

ProVent® is ideal for premium construction and for difficult applications like re-insulation.
• Made with Pro Grade tear-resistant high impact plastic
• Rigid vent construction eliminates breakage during re-installation
• ProVent's full joist coverage provides maximum air flow
• ProVents are easy to transport and store on the job site
• ProVents hold staples well on installation
• Net free vent: PV1148 = 12 sq in; PV 1448 = 15 sq in; PV2248 = 26 sq in



ProVent Comes in Two Sizes

ProVent PV1148 - 11" x 48"  200/carton  2000/pallet 
Use for 16" on-center joist spacing
ProVent PV1148B - 11" x 48"  3000/bulk pallet
ProVent UPV14480 - proVent w/UPC code 14" x 48"  100/carton  1500/pallet
ProVent PV1448B - proVent 14" x 48"  2250/bulk pallet
ProVent PV1448D - proVent 29" x 48"  1500/bulk pallet

ProVent UPV22480 - proVent w/UPC code 22" x 48"  100/carton  1500/pallet
Use for 24" on-center joist spacing
ProVent PV2248B - 22" x 48"  1500/bulk pallet

ProVent may be installed prior to the soffit panel installation without fear of blow-out. For conventional attics, ProVent is easily installed in both new and retrofit applications. Even with cathedral ceilings, ProVent can be cut to fit any joist space. In a finished attic, proVent ensures proper air space between the roof deck and insulation. Made in the U.S.A.


The versatile baffle for the insulation
professional. The baffle creates
a channel through the insulation
and blocks the air at the top
plate, allowing insulation coverage
at the plate and preventing wind-wash.
• Made with Pro Grade tear-resistant high impact polystyrene
• Withstands heat and pressure of spray foam
• Spans entire width of the bay – 16" or 24" O.C.



How Many Vents to Plan for on a Project

One ProVent ventilation channel per rafter or truss cavity is recommended. Without ventilation channels, air cannot flow freely from the soffit to the exhaust vents. Poor air flow reduces insulation efficiencies and accelerates problems due to moisture.

The Benefits of a Ventilated Attic

• Allows for cooler attics in the summer
• Helps prevent ice-dam formation in the winter
• Improves insulation efficiencies
• Helps prolong shingle life
• Allows for drier attics