Durovent Baffle®

We’ve been manufacturing quality rafter vents since 1988. Insulation contractors consistently look to ADO for innovative products that are versatile, save time and improve productivity.

The Durovent Baffle is the most economical way to ventilate your roof and block out the wind and rain! A water resistant baffle is incorporated into the Number ONE selling vent in the industry allowing for a one-step rafter vent and baffle installation. Installation of the Durovent Baffle® eliminates the need for using blocking material such as batt insulation between the vent and the wall top plate, as is commonly the practice for installation of rafter vents without an integral baffle. The Durovent Baffle® is both water resistant and durable, blocking out moisture and wind from penetrating the attic. A great choice for 24" on-center applications. Made in the U.S.A.

• One-Step installation
• Easy positioning and stapling
• Allows for wide range of heel heights

Want more information on Durovent Baffle?
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For Contractors: 800-666-8191

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Durovent Baffle® Ordering SKUs

DVB2346  Durovent Baffle - 23.5" x 46" Great choice for 24" on-center applications  50/bag  1000/pallet
UDVB2346  Durovent Baffle - 23.5" x 46" Great choice for 24" on-center applications  70/carton  840/pallet

How many vents to plan for on a project
One Durovent Baffle® per rafter or truss cavity is recommended. Without ventilation channels, air cannot flow freely from the soffit to the exhaust vents. Poor air flow reduces insulation efficiencies and accelerates problems due to moisture. Click on the video below to see how easy installation is.