Durovent® — the Number ONE selling vent in the industry! The polystyrene material provides a lightweight water resistant air channel and is ideal for high-volume new construction or lower cost re-insulation.

• An economical way to meet energy code requirements for air flow
• Multiple lengths and perforated center line to fit all applications
• Wide nailing flange and center strut allows for easy installation
• Net free vent: 18.7 sq in


Durovent® Comes in Several Sizes

DV2200 - 22" x 48"    50/bag  1000/pallet
UDV2248- 22" x 48" w/UPC Code  70/carton  840/pallet
DV2272 - 22" x 72"   50/bundle  1000/pallet
DV2400 - 24" x 48"   50/bundle  1000/pallet

The Benefits of a Ventilated Attic

• Allows for cooler attics in the summer
• Helps prevent ice-dam formation in the winter
• Improves insulation efficiencies
• Helps prolong shingle life
• Allows for drier attics


In some houses, it is easier to get complete coverage of the attic floor with blown-in loose-fill insulation. Loose-fill insulation must be prevented from shifting into vents or from contacting heat-producing equipment (such as recessed lighting fixtures) by using Durovent Baffles and/or other ADO Products. Contact us today at 866-240-4933. CLICK HERE to fill out the online information form.

If batts or rolls are used, the first layer should be fit between the joists. The second layer should be placed perpendicular to the first because that will help to cover the tops of the joists themselves and reduce thermal bridging through the frame. Also, be sure to insulate the trap or access door. Although the area of the door is small, an uninsulated attic door will reduce energy savings substantially.