Arbor Edge

Get Arbor Edge™ for Beautiful
Easy-to-Use Tree Protection

Now there's a better way to beautify lawns and protect trees. Arbor Edge acts both as a tree guard and landscape edge—protecting trees from mower and trimmer damage. Available in two sizes (27" and 38")

Protects Young Trees

Helps Trees Thrive

Eliminates Weekly Yardwork Headaches

Easy to Install

Made in the U.S.A.

• With Arbor Edge, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy tree with no maintenance.
• Use Arbor Edge around rose bushes, shrubs, mailboxes, lamp posts, birdfeeders...
• Without Arbor Edge, your tree may die from damage to the trunk by mowers and trimmers.


Installation is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
Step ONE

Prepare a smooth, level surface by removing the sod and soil from around the base of the tree


Step TWO

Open the installation slit by moving the cut ends in opposite directions. Place around tree trunk.
The top edge should be even with the top of the grass.



Fill water basin with decorative rock or mulch. Back fill and seed around outer lip of the Arbor Edge.