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ADO Galvanized Staples
Consistent quality that prevents jamming or breakage (no chicklets). Our staples are engineered to fit B&C Eagle, Fasco, Josef Kihlberg, Bostitch, Duo-Fast, Rapid, Arrow, and Prebena staplers. Each box contains 5,000 staples unless otherwise noted.


ADO Insulation Vacuum Bags
Made of 100% polypropylene. For use in removing old loose-fill fiberglass or cellulose insulation from attics or wall cavities.
Each bag holds up to 75 cubic feet of debris.



ADO Wire Batt Supports
(also known as tiger teeth, wire stays and lightning rods)
Fastest, most economical method of installing roll and batt type insulation.
Made of high tensile wire with angle cut to dig into wood. When installing
batt supports space them 12" to 16" apart.
• Spring wire supports install with a twist of the wrist
• Holds permanently in floors, walls and ceilings